How to Find the Right Products to Resell

With quarantine becoming the new normal, we’ve got more time to spend at home and less time out, which, to some extent, means a decrease of income. So why not find a way to earn extra money at home? If you have a financial concern, some options require a low investment, but return a high profit. One of this kind is stocking cheap products from China’s factories and reselling them in your home country. On ShopShipShake, you can enjoy the one-stop service to purchase from suppliers in China with Rand payment and door-to-door delivery, even beginners can start their business with ease here.

Without further ado, let’s start today’s topic on how to build your side hustle in reselling products.

First thing first, how should you find appealing items to sell?

1. Let your passion be your business

If you plan to resell products, make sure you do it in a way that will keep you interested for a long time. Try listing the things you enjoy and select the one that has the most commercial potentials. For example, if you love fashion and have a good knowledge of it, selling fashion-related products will be a good choice for you. When you promote your products, you can share your genuine love and stories with the costumers from the bottom of your heart, and your costumers will feel your passion and perceive the product with a different perspective.

2. Rely on your working experience and expertise

If you are already an expert in some field, you should dig deep and discover opportunities. Your profession and expertise can make you stand out among other seller when communicating with clients. Nobody wants to risk with money during this difficult time, people would like to trust a professional, not a random seller that knows little about the products, so please make a good use of your strength.

3. Use tools to help you find trendy goodies.

Dresses are good, but sneaker are not bad either. If you are not sure which product will more popular, go to Google Trends to find an answer:

First, Key in the name of the product you attempt to stock, and don’t forget to set the region your country(eg. South Africa), then a data graph of searches will appear below. You can also check the subregion lists to have a clue of how popular the product is in different areas of the country. Besides, these related topics and queries may get you inspired and help you come up with different ideas.

Second, key in the name of another item and compare the two to find out which is more likely to be wanted by your clients.

With Google Trends, it is possible to predict the future and grab commercial opportunities ahead of others.

4. Niche is new hot-selling

Since most people are selling commoditised products, you can go for unique and low-cost products to pave your new path to a niche market. Don’t worry if you are already selling commoditized products, there is a way to find your niche by avoiding saturated market. For instance, if too many apparel sellers out there in the market, you should select less-seen products of the kind to beat rivals and uncover the new group of customers.

Last, allow me to have a pep-talk at the end of this article. Finding products that have commercial potentials is not easy, but definitely worth the time and energy. If you are a ShopShipShake user, you can check our Facebook page and newsletters for best-selling items, or you can turn to your assistant for help. Building a side hustle can be hard and time-consuming, so is the international freight. In our next article, we will talk about things you need to know about international freight, please stay tuned.