Two Week FAQ Vol.43 Mar 13 – Mar 27

Hello my dear, how is it going on March? Thank you for staying tuned with us this month. Anything new did you learn this month? We know you have been improving yourself. You did a great job. Now, we have prepared these most recently and frequently asked questions and the answers for you. We hope this can help you. Much love!

Two Week FAQ Vol.43 Mar 13 – Mar 27

Q1. Any competition for this month?

To support all the independent women entrepreneur and wannabes out there, we launched a #GIVEAWAY for you!

#SSSWOMENENTREPRENEUR Giveaway (valid from March 22 to March 29)

To win R1,000 coupon every month, please check out our #SSSReview giveaway!

#SSSReview Post to win: (valid from March 19 to March 26)

Q2. How can I order?

In order to place an order, please follow our registration process and after you will have a business assistant to guide you and help you shop. Once you successfully registered, you can get help from your assistant after registration by clicking the WhatsApp icon on the screen. Your assistant will guide you step by step and help you get your ideal products.

Q3. Can you add me to your WhatsApp group?

If you want to join in the WhatsApp group, please register first then contact your assistant and he/she will add you to the group.

Q4. What to do when I forget my password?

Please try to reset your password. Your new password should be 6 to 20 digits, with both number+letters. If you still fail to reset your password, please contact your assistant for help.

Q5. Why am I not receiving my parcel? Did you scam me?

We are not a scam and we don’t scam our customers. You didn’t receive your parcel, that’s because our logistics supplier is experiencing a higher than usual demand of delivery recently and your order has unfortunately impacted a delay. We can only ask for your understanding, and we are doing everything we can to get your much-needed parcel to you as soon as possible. Please be patient with us. Many thanks!

Q6. What to do when my assistant is not helping?

We are very sorry to hear that your assistant is not helping. Due to the time difference, your assistant might reply to you a little bit late. You can also send an e-mail with details to Our customer service team will help you solve problems. We apologize for the inconvenience that we caused. Thank you for your understanding.

Q7. Is this the real price?

Yes, this is the wholesale price and it’s real. However, the shipping fee is not included. Please register first and then contact your assistant, since they will calculate the total price for you. Please register on

Q8. Can I only buy one item?

We only do wholesale and don’t recommend our customers just buy a few items, for the shipping fee will be too much.

Please check our website for products. The prices and minimum quantities per order are on the product page.

Beginner guidance:
If you have any questions about SSS, please read the guidance for beginners:

Advanced guidance:
This guidance will help you to learn how to purchase on SSS:

Q9. Do you sell Iphone?

Unfortunately, we don’t purchase branded items for our customers. If you are interested in purchasing unbranded items, feel free to check our website

Q10. How do I pay for my orders?

There are two ways for payment, one is by credit card, the other one is EFT. You can choose the one you prefer.
Once our account receives your money our system will update your account automatically.
Usually, it takes 0-2 days for bank processing. Please contact your assistant if more than 3 days.
We suggest you recharge via EFT. If in cash, please keep the “ATM Receipt” as proof.