Bi-monthly FAQ Vol.45 Apr 12 – Apr 25

Another two weeks have passed. Have you got ideal products at ShopShipShake? We have been working at providing you convenient shopping experience, so it is our pleasure to solve any problem that you encountered at ShopShipShake.  Let’s see what people care most about us in the past two weeks, hope our response is helpful for you. Thank you!

Bi-monthly FAQ Vol.45 Apr 12 – Apr 25

Q1. Any fun contest for this month?

Every month, we prepare fun contests on Facebook for our followers and customers! You are all invited! Check out our official Facebook page at

The following are the contests that we launched this April:

To motivate all of you, we launched #SSStart It Up giveaway for you!

#SSStartItUp Giveaway (valid from April 6 to March 14)

To get to know our community more and just to have fun, we launched #WeLikeSSS giveaway!

#WeLikeSSS Giveaway: (valid from April 19 to April 26)

To win an R1,000 coupon every month, please check out our #SSSReviews giveaway!

First April #SSSReviews Post to win (winners announced on April 9)

Second April #SSSReviews Post to win (winners announced on April 23)

Q2. How can I order?

To place an order, please follow our registration process. Once you successfully registered, you can get help from your assistant after registration by clicking the WhatsApp icon on the screen. Your assistant will guide you step by step and help you get your ideal products.

Q3. Where are you located?

Shopshipshake is an online wholesale website helping people purchase goods from factories in China. We have warehouses in Hangzhou and Shenzhen, China. We don’t have shops offline but we provide door-to-door delivery service all across South Africa.

Q4. Is the price for real?

Yes, the prices shown on our Facebook posts are legit. You can check the wholesale price and other details on our product page. Kindly note that the shipping fee is not included. Please register first and then contact your assistant, they will help you estimate the shipping fee and calculate the total price.

Q5. My assistant is not responding / replying

We are sorry that your message was not responded soon enough. Due to the time difference, your assistant might reply to you a little bit late. You can also send an e-mail with details to or DM us on Facebook and Instagram. Our customer service team will help you solve problems. Thank you for your understanding

Q6. Why is the shipping cost so expensive?

We currently collaborate with the cheapest logistics supplier in the market. The increase in shipping fees is the result of the overall shipping rate increase in the market. If you have better suggestions in terms of logistics companies, you are welcome to recommend them to us. We will consider it seriously. Thank you.

Q7. Why is my parcel delayed for a long time?

First of all, we apologize that you are unfortunately experiencing a delayed delivery. There are several reasons that caused the delay. It could be your parcels are being examined by the customs and they haven’t released. So your parcels are unable to be delivered, just yet. Or it could be that our logistics suppliers are experiencing an unexpected higher than usual demand of delivery and your order is unfortunately impacted a delay. No matter what, we are trying to get your orders through as much as possible. Your patience is much appreciated. For more information, please ask your assistant to help you check it out. Thank you for your understanding.

Q8. Do you have APP?

We don’t have mobile APP yet. We are still developing our app so please follow us on social media to get updates!

Q9. Can I only buy XXX items?

We only do wholesale and don’t recommend our customers just buy a few items. That’s because the shipping fee may end up being more expensive than the purchased products, which is not good value for money. However, you are welcome to check the minimum quantities on the product pages and ask your assistant to calculate the estimated shipping fee for you before placing an order. Much love!