Bi-monthly FAQ Vol.47 May20 – June 4

It’s been a long time since we last met!In the past days, we have been paying attention to your feedback and suggestions, hoping to provide you with better service. And finally we bring good news to you: Six brand new channels have been upgraded to bring you a better shopping experience! Besides, we’ve compiled nine of the most frequently asked questions over the last two weeks and given answers as usual. Come and check what you’d like to know about us!

Bi-monthly FAQ Vol.47 May20 – June 4

Q1. Any fun contest for this month?

Every month, we prepare fun contests on Facebook for our followers and customers! You are all invited! Check out our official Facebook page at

The following are the contests that we launched :

#SSS Upgrade

To help you quickly select products, confirm the weight of products, and better estimate the shipping costs, ShopShipShake has upgraded 6 channels, here are the links:

Source Factory
Hot Sales
New Arrival
Preparation for New Season
Shipping Method
Weight Estimation Activity

Q2. How can I join you to start my business?

To make an order through us, the first step is to register on our website. Please enter this link and follow the instructions.
Once you successfully registered, you can get help from your assistant by clicking the WhatsApp icon on the screen. Your assistant will guide you step by step and help you get your ideal products.

Q3. Why is your shipping cost so high?

We are trying to find a cheaper logistics company and optimize our service. Generally, the more quantity you buy, the less average shipping cost of each item is. If you buy a limited quantity, you can also shop as group to cover shipping fee. Thanks for your understanding.

Q4. Can you add me to whatsapp group?

Please register on our website first, so that you can add your assistant on WhatsApp. He/she will help you order the goods that you would like to purchase. Feel free to discuss more detail with your assistant after registration and before you order, such as quantities, quality, and shipment.

Q5. Can I make order directly on whatsapp?

No. The processes including search, order, payment and delivery all finished on our website. Only when you register can we allocate an assistant for you to instruct you on whatsapp.

Q6. Do you deliver ?

Yes. We collaborate with professional courier company and provide door-to-door delivery all across South Africa.

Q7. Do you sell mobile phone/ socks/sneakers?

Please go to our website to see our catalogue. You can search for whatever you would like to purchase there. Simply type in the keywords of what you would like to buy or use the photo search on our website to find items. If you would like to be assisted, please register first and then contact your assistant. Your assistant will help you search for goods and make orders.

Q8. How can I get refund?

If you are not satisfied with any of our services, you can contact your assistant to apply for a refund or compensation. We will accept any reasonable refund request.

Q9. Do I have to buy in bulk?

It’s possible to buy for personal use, but we suggest you to buy in bulk due to shipping cost. The minimum order quantities are on product page please check or confirm with your assistant before order.

If you really want to purchase single items and are anxious about affordability of shipping fee, you are also welcome to shop as a group to cover shipping costs.