Product Trends: 17 Top-selling online products by 2022(with marketing tips)

To succeed in E-Commerce, you need three things: a product that the buyer wants, marketing skills, and patience. Choosing products is a big learning curve, and finding the right product can be a challenge. So, Shopify has launched its 2022 inspiration list to help you find new hits.

In this list, you can learn about 17 popular trends, hot countries, and marketing detritus that will inspire new business ideas and possibly inspire you to expand your product line. Let’s have a look

1. Toys

The product line includes dolls, handicrafts, block sets, dolls, games and puzzles, toys for babies and toddlers, electronic toys for teenagers, plush toys, mini car models, adventure toys, and outdoor sports toys. Global orders for reading toys and flying toys also rose 294 percent and 275 percent, respectively.

Toys are a great way to develop fine motor skills, encourage imaginative play, and distract your children while their parents work from home. With an average of 18m searches per month for the word “Toys,” it is clear that the number of searches will continue to grow in 2021 and into the New Year.

When selling toys, consider the concept of “Friends Trust Friends.”. Toy marketing relies on referrals from celebrities and friends, so you need to work with the nano celebrities on social media. Customer reviews are always a smart way to sell items like toy kitchens and dolls. Letters of recommendation can help consumers decide whether a product is right for them and promote sales.

Develop a social media marketing strategy that promotes natural traffic around your child using your toy. Build Trust with potential buyers by showing the toy in photo rotation and video, and including User-generated content from a fan account. If you have a budget, hold contests and give away free toys to expand your email or Messenger marketing subscriptions. Then, you can create funnel campaigns that slowly turn subscribers into customers.

2. Shoes

Shoes were one of 2021’s best-performing products in the first half. Shoes are good for sale at any time of the year, especially during the holidays, so you can take advantage of the Christmas sales. You can sell custom shoes, resell popular brands like Nike or Air Jordan, or sell dress leather. With a global market size of $365.5 bn, there is no shortage of opportunities to sell shoes online.

When selling shoes online, focus on finding your target market and selling to a group first. People search online for certain types of shoes, such as “Shoes for men”(12m searches a month) and “Shoes for women”(823,000 searches a month). There is also an opportunity to sell shoes to treat common foot problems such as flat feet and Plantar fasciitis.

You can sell shoes on your Shopify store, third-party online sales sites like Amazon and eBay, and even on Instagram and Facebook. There are also niche trading platforms for shoes, such as Stockx and GOAT. You can also wholesale shoes to other enterprises.

3. Pens and pencils

The next big thing is the sudden appearance of pens and pencils. Over the past few years, new and innovative multifunctional writing tools have played a key role in expanding the reach of such products. Manufacturers are rolling out new products, such as stylus pens, different colors of ink, and different sizes of pencils.

The search term “Pens” generated 673,000 searches per month, while the related term “Fountain pens” generated 201,000 searches per month, parker pens generated 165,000 searches per month, pencils generated 550,000 searches per month, and mechanical pencils and Prismacolor pencils generated 90,500 and 74,000 searches per month, respectively.

This proves that pens and pencils can be a profitable business online. There are also many types of pens that can be sold, and they offer a lot of new product opportunities as you expand your product line.

Start by narrowing down the types of pens or pencils you want to sell, such as signature pens, ink pens, luxury pens, boutique pens, etc. . Then promote your product in the popular reviews and gift guides. You can contact them online and ask them to link to products on your site through their own articles. (people are more likely to buy when they enter your site through an external blog post than when they buy ads.) Then, to win back orders, re-market ads to people who have seen the product but haven’t bought it.

Another option is to place search-based ads for Google Shopping. You can boost sales by targeting people who search for certain keywords, such as “Best luxury pens.”.

4. Decorative bottles

The next hot item is the decorative bottle. These items are decorative and add a touch of country to your home. They come in many different forms, such as vases, urns and jars, and can satisfy any style of home. You can buy decorative bottles through wholesalers, find them at antique markets, or Do DIY bottle crafts with recycled bottles and sell them online.


Another approach is to create a Pinterest account and post tips and photos on it. Pinterest users tend to like DIY crafts and home decor, so you can connect with potential customers.

5. Electric drill

Home furnishing is becoming one of the best evergreen niche markets for start-ups. By 2027, home improvement sales are expected to soar above $1,000 bn.

The retailer’s stores also have some of the hottest items in this niche market, including power tools such as drills, grinders and saws. By 2027, sales in the drill market alone are expected to exceed $13.6 billion.


What makes this product worth considering is that it offers a great opportunity for the snack industry to expand. You can sell power drills, as well as drill kits, suitcases, battery packs and other accessories at your home improvement store.

Whether it’s putting together new furniture or doing quick repairs at home, every home needs a power drill. Some people need heavy tools, others need simpler models.

You can sell such hits through search-based advertising such as Google Shopping. According to Google Search Console, more than 450,000 people Search for power drills every month. Another option is to work with an internet celebrity on Instagram or to promote your drill through a blog.

6. Electric drill

Sales of manual cutting tools have increased in recent months. People are spending more time at home and thinking about spending more time on DIY and home improvement projects.


While “Hand tool cutters”only generates 1,300 searches per month, you can also use SEO strategies to target a few variations, including:

To promote bookshelves and shelves, you can create a blog that contains home improvement and DIY tips and tricks, and links to your products. Then retarget ads to blog traffic on Facebook or Google.

You need to run Google shopping ads for keywords such as “Hand cutter price”. When advertising, target long-tail keywords based on your product description test, such as “Stone cutter hand tools”or “Hand cutting tools for wood”, to attract customers who already know what they want to buy. If you appear in front of them, they are more likely to purchase through your e-commerce store.

7. GPS navigation system

GPS navigation system is experiencing significant growth of hot products. This trend is hotter at some times than others, but people are often looking for GPS navigation and gadgets all year round. The market is also large, with an expected Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 11.3 per cent.

These most popular products offer a lot of opportunities to target different customer groups depending on the model (Dodge Ram, Toyota Ravv4, Isuzu, etc.) and the type of system (hunting, sailing, on-board, etc.).

GPS 导航系统

Some of the commodities available for sale under this category include:

  •  GPS packet
  •  Brackets and brackets
  • Chargers and adapters

Using Google search ads to promote the popular product could be profitable. It can help you attract high-interest buyers and bring them to your store for purchase. Another option is to use Facebook ads to target specific people based on your navigation system design or functionality.

A hiker may need to carry a GPS, while others may need only a car-mounted GPS bag. You can work with micro-celebrities and micro-celebrities to make your product appear to an existing audience.

8. Bras

Bras are one of the most popular online products with consistently high-profit margins. The lingerie market is also huge, with an estimated $57 billion by 2026.


The 1.5 million searches per month for the term “Bras” are evidence of the popularity of this popular product. Other keywords also have more opportunities, such as:

  • Plus size bras
  • Plus size bras: 49,500 searches per month
  • Pink bras
  • Pink Bras: 222,000 searches per month
  • Strapless push-up bras
  • Strapless push-up bras: 331,000 searches per month
  • Bras on sale
  • Bras on sale: 271,000 searches per month

In addition, you can take advantage of this niche from a variety of directions, either by opening a specialty store or launching a line in a larger lingerie store or by marketing your product to one of the many fitness segments. Depending on how you position your brand, there may be opportunities to expand into related vertical areas, such as pajamas or skincare.

Since all women are often the target market for bras, visual platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest are ideal for developing brands, whether you’re pursuing natural growth or using their advertising options.

You can also drive growth through online celebrity marketing. Celebrities can model your clothes and promote your brand for a fee or commission.

9. Auto Parts

Over the past few months, we’ve seen significant growth in auto parts sales on the Shopify platform. As digital sales and services for replacement parts grow, these new hits continue to be popular. The aftermarket is expected to grow by 3.8% a year by 2028, with a value of $390 billion in 2020.


Auto parts include:

  • Tires
  • Batteries
  • Brake system parts
  • Filter
  • Body part
  • Lighting unit
  • Cartwheels
  • Exhaust component
  • Turbocharger

You really need to know your target market when you’re making a hit like tires and wheels. For example, if customers enjoy outdoor activities, they may need durable all-terrain tires to drive through areas where the roads are in poor condition. If they are a van-driving family, they may need full-performance tires with handling stability, good tread life, and warranty service.

You can promote these products in a number of ways:

  1. Make installation videos and live action tips.
  2. Start a car blog.
  3. Sponsor an automobile or a motor show.
  4. Guarantee of price comparison.
  5. Cross-promote with another car company.

You may need to explore Facebook ads to drain your site and drive sales throughout the year. If you want to expand your product line, you can easily find new auto parts and accessories to sell using the product sourcing app.

10. Office chair

The top 10 most popular products on the list are the office chair. Similar to other popular products in the home products category, we may see an increase in office chair sales due to the recent trend of working from home.

Good office chairs help people work more efficiently. They reduce chronic back pain and medical costs associated with poor posture due to poor chair quality.


The Google Search Console’s trending data shows the following searches:

  • Office chair
  • Office chair: 1.22 million searches per month
  • Office chair ergonomic
  • Office chair ergonomic: 90,500 searches per month
  • Home office chair
  • Home Office Chair: 49,500 searches per month
  • Office chairs for sale
  • Office chairs for sale: 49,500 searches per month

The way you target your ideal customer depends on who you’re targeting. If you’re going to sell office chairs for college students, your marketing may need to target parents. The best way to target parents is through Facebook ads, Instagram ads, and Pinterest.

If your customers are business people or professionals, you’ll need to reach them directly through Instagram ads, perhaps working with Instagram influencers and bloggers. You can also run LinkedIn ads aimed at companies that are back in the office or working from home.

Office chairs for professionals are less susceptible to seasonal fluctuations, so if you’re looking for year-round trends, this market could be very popular. You can also direct Google shopping ads to high-profile keywords like “Office chairs for sales”.

11. Projectors

Projectors are now one of the hottest random products, popular every few years, and can bring great profits when the trend is hot. In this case, according to the Google Search Console trend, the projector shot to fame in 2016 and 2017, and in 2019 and 2020, respectively.

The word “Projector” gets about 550,000 searches a month. People are also narrowing their searches by type, with “Mini projectors” and “Projector for home” receiving 135,000 and 271,000 searches per month, respectively. The popularity of these popular products provides you with plenty of opportunities to target different groups of customers depending on the type of projector and accessories.


To promote the product, use Google Ads to target people with specific projectors, such as 4Kor outdoor projectors. You can set up an online store selling projectors, screens, and other accessories. Create videos showing how to set up projectors in different locations (bedroom, outdoor, living room, etc.). Or get in touch with a celebrity and ask them to promote your product.

12. Kitchen wipes

There was a huge growth in kitchen towels in 2021. They’re hot right now, and they don’t look like they’re going away anytime soon. The global market for kitchen towels is expected to reach $20.9 billion by 2026, according to a new report. This is not a must-see hit. People can use kitchen towels to clean, dry their hands, hold hot utensils, and so on. These towels are also very durable and can be reused and cleaned.

It’s a very competitive industry. Brands such as Williams Sonoma, Bed Bath & Beyond, and Pier 1 have a significant market share. However, they’re all targeting the same demographic: older consumers with more disposable income, which gives you a unique opportunity to sell.

The cost of shipping kitchen supplies is usually lower, which means you can charge less than large retailers. You can target young niche audiences who don’t want to overspend on items like kitchen towels.

Although cloth kitchen towels are the preferred product, studies have also shown that hand-and-crochet-knitted towels are preferred. They have also introduced new technologies such as air-penetrating drying to clean towels to make them softer and more absorbent. You can add kitchen wipes to aprons, placemats, tablecloths, and other kitchen accessories.


You can promote kitchen towels online through social media platforms like Instagram or TikTok, and you can target older and younger audiences with campaigns. For example, college students who have just moved out of their parent’s home. Your success on social media will depend on how you connect with each niche and how you create interesting content to attract buyers.

You can create video content that demonstrates the benefits of a kitchen towel and shows creative uses beyond cleaning spills. You can also hold a periodic raffle to promote new cleaning towels and best-sellers. In terms of paid advertising, Instagram will be your best bet, as you can use Instagram’s behavioral targeting to find customers based on their interests and shopping habits.

13. Digital Art

Digital art has been talked about and created for years, but it really started to catch on during the epidemic. A new wave of celebrity endorsements and buzz around non-fungibles Tokens (NFT) based on blockchain technology has led to an explosion of digital art in 2021. By 2024, the global online art market will be worth $9.32 bn, according to Statista.

The most famous sale was by Mike Winkelmann, a digital artist known as Beeple, who sold his collage Everyday: The First 5000days at Christie’s for $69 million.


There are two ways you can sell digital art. One of them involves creating a series that people can trade like baseball cards. Series can be 50,000 to 10,000 pieces, just like the popular Pudgy Penguin series. You can put different pieces together to form a consistent series. The goal is to have a focus for each series, based on research and trends in the digital art market.

Another approach is to create a unique piece with a version, similar to the Mike Winkelmann piece mentioned above. As You Build Your brand and sell more of your work, your existing work will become more valuable.

There are several ways to build a brand in digital art:

  • st@reylarsdam explains to Shopify, “The NFT community is the backbone of any successful NFT startup.”Create a Twitter feed, join related Discord groups to build your network and make friends. Dialogue is the key to improving yourself in the NFT.
  • Encrypted meta-space still exists. Two popular spaces are Cryptovoxels and Decentraland. You can buy a building, display your product line, host virtual events, engage in art, and interact with others in the meta-universe.
  • Cooperation. As with traditional art, collaboration is a wise way to present your work to a new audience. As You Build Your brand, you can work with other artists on projects. This can help you reach a wider audience, gain public relations attention, and lead to greater success.

Digital artists tend to become collectors themselves. They buy good NFT and post about it on their blogs and social channels. They also help other artists promote their projects, which can lead to better promotion when you launch a new work.

14. Eyebrow growth fluid

Are you looking for the hottest product in the beauty industry? There has been a growing interest in eyebrow growth fluid at Shopify stores, Google and Aliexpress.

According to Google Search Console, the term “Eyebrow enhancer”is searched for 3,600 times a month on Google, and the long-tailed variant “Eyebrow enhancer serum”is searched for 1,300 times a month.


The top 20“Eyebrow enhancer” videos on YouTube are showing 778,400 views a month, according to Google Search Console. Eyebrow growth goes hand in hand with other eyebrow cosmetics such as eyebrow pencil, Eyeliner, and bloom pen, making it a great product to add to a beauty shop and create a different product mix.

Focus on platforms such as Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube when selling popular health and beauty products. You can partner with an online celebrity in the field to put up Instagram ads to promote your product and quickly sell it. A more sustainable option is to create your own personal Instagram account and post around makeup, eyebrows, and tutorials.

15. Neon signs

Neon signs are the next big thing. These colorful, fun-filled lights are making their way back into consumer video. Today, neon signs are handmade and more environmentally friendly, with a modern look suitable for homes, weddings, offices, restaurants, bars, and special events.


“Neon signs” gets 301,000 searches a month. Data from Google Search Console shows that people are searching for a particular type of neon sign:

There is also a plethora of hashtags on social media related to neon signs. For example, the Instagram hashtag # neon lights have attracted more than 2.5 million people in the past seven days as of this writing, according to brand mentions.

Social media is a great way to promote neon signs. Find out who your primary audience is. For example, are you selling to restaurateurs who want to increase their social influence? Or young people who want their rooms to look hip and cool? (hint: you can sell to two groups at once.). Then post a mix of photoshoots and User-generated content your billboard is used in various scenarios.

You can place Google ADS targeting long-tailed keywords like vintage neon signs or custom neon signs to attract specific customers, or you can place Facebook ads, to test different audiences and learn more about who is buying neon signs.

16. tablets

The tablet is one of 2021’s best-selling products. These pcs typically come with a thin, flat mobile operating system, a thin, flat shell, an LCD touch screen display, and rechargeable batteries.

The market is driven by elements such as portability, quick start and simple web browsing. The tablet market, estimated to be worth $35.9 billion by 2024, is becoming a popular choice in schools, universities, health care, retail and business.

“Tablet computers”has 135,000 searches a month. However, finding a tablet is not easy for consumers, as there are many different uses for tablets. For example, you might want to buy a cheap, durable tablet for school. Or better yet, add a sleek, high-definition second screen for your home.

There are plenty of opportunities to expand the product line in the tablet industry. You can sell cases, keyboards, chargers, stylus pens and other accessories to increase the average order size.


To promote a popular product like a tablet online, you need to target your audience. Health care companies that buy tablets have different requirements and budgets than parents who buy tablets for their children’s School. Identify your target audience and create landing pages specifically for them on your site.

Because people often struggle with buying a tablet, they turn to online “Best of” guides for more information. You can take a seat at the top of the list or create your own guide to promote online.

If you want to run Facebook ads or Google Ads, consider targeting customers by brand names, such as Android or Samsung tablets. Use Facebook’s location insights report to find different target audiences in countries where tablets are more popular, such as Canada and the United States.

17. Kill the water bottle

By 2020, the global reusable water bottle market is worth $8.38 billion and is expected to remain at 4% in 2028.

Google Search Console:

The Google Search Console shows the following searches:

  • Water bottles
  • Water bottles: 673,000 searches a month
  • Insulated water bottles
  • Insulated water bottles: 33,100 searches per month
  • Water bottles with straws
  • Water bottles with straws: 33,100 searches a month
  • Reusable water bottles
  • Reusable water bottles: 18,100 searches per month

The trend is driven by the growing environmental threat posed by non-reusable bottles and the growing tendency of people to adopt healthy lifestyles. Your target audience may be more health-conscious and aware of the harmful effects of disposable bottles.


To sell this bestseller, you need to show how the water bottles are used. For example, you could have a contest where customers post a picture of an outdoor water bottle. Or take a picture of a water bottle in an environmental setting, post it on social media and use it in ads. Working with internet celebrities is also a great way to promote Aquarius and present it to new potential buyers.

You can create a Custom Audience in the Facebook Ads Manager and target a specific audience. Or run google ads for the keywords “Reusable water bottle” or “Thermos bottle” to target customers actively searching for similar products.

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