Top-selling items online Import and Wholesale from China

With mammoth manufacturers in China, new products enter the market perpetually. However, not everything is worth a place in your shopping cart or store. 

Global e-commerce is booming trade as merchants continuously seek to import new products wholesale for business diversification as well as to increase their profit margins by sourcing goods from suppliers at a bargain price.

The world’s largest exporter and most rapidly growing economy -China, is the hub of hot new products for international trade with its exports to the UK, US, Asia, Africa, and other parts of the world surpassing the trillion-dollar mark annually.

What makes China such an attractive trading partner for imports?

Well, owing to its huge population, China has a lot of cheap skilled labor, its government incentives are very lucrative and favorable towards cross-border trade and lastly, the land possesses vast resources for production. As a result, they produce mass and quality products inexpensively with few policy barriers to exportation. Consequently, traders from most countries prefer to source new products from China to sell.

VR 3D Video Glasses

A fun and exhilarating product for all ages to enjoy, these 3D glasses give the ultimate virtual experience. By simply connecting it to a smart device of 4.5-6 inches, the VR 3D video glasses puts you right in the center of action in a movie or 3D game. 2 button feature shifts the lens front and back or left and right to get the focus to be on point. Its adjustable headband enhances comfort by creating more room to shifting pressure off the face of tightening for a snug fit on different head sizes. It is also well ventilated to cool of your mobile device when it heats up. Lightweight and compact, it’s something to enjoy just about anywhere.

Shockproof Phone Fixing Holder

If you deal with car interior accessories, this mobile phone holder is a great piece to introduce. It supports the convenient use of smartphones just about anywhere when one hand is tied such as when driving.  Characterized by a sticky gel pad base, stretchable gooseneck and firm brackets, the holder needs no expertise to install. Its strong chuck offers maximum suction on any flat surface such as the windshield or dashboard and the gooseneck’s flexibility coupled with the rotating head ensures the phone can be operated from whichever angle. Rubber cushions prevent skidding, vibration and shock to the attached handset. Users can operate their phones without worrying about falls and damage.

A Wild Mountain Gas Stove

Looking for camping equipment? This portable-sized gas stove is specially designed for outdoor cooking and should be part of every camper’s checklist. Doubling it up as a burner for a small family picnic or barbecue in the backyard is ideal too. It has a strong and sturdy yet lightweight build from aluminum alloy and stainless steel with features that promote efficient gas use and provide a shield from strong winds when in use in the open. The fire plate supports up to 20cm diameter cooking pot, enough capacity for about three adults. This gas stove is a stable, mess-free, and eco-friendly asset for hassle-free cooking.

Smart Control Home Panel Light

Home decor and lighting dealers can create a buzz in their stores with the smart control home panel light. As the name suggests it is an intelligent LED energy-saving, shape-splicing light that changes randomly using technology. This type of illumination can be controlled remotely by voice through apps such as Alexa to adjust brightness, alter colors, and even set a timer. The hexagonal panels come in sets of 3 and 5 and there’s also a one-piece alternative to enable the joining of shapes and creating unique patterns. The easy connection DIY panel sets come with a 1 m USB cable and base and is a pleasant accessory to have for home decor as a night light or party light.

Portable USB Panel Light

Portable LED light merchandise are fast-moving goods popular in many homes and offices. This mobile 30cm panel light is encased in a metal housing with a silicone base and touch control. Being rechargeable, it comes with a USB cable and can last for up to 30 hours when fully charged. Comes in handy when working late at night to light up laptop keys, or even when reading a book or writing at a desk.  Light can be set between white, warm and yellow with the ability to adjust the brightness to six different dimmer levels. With eye protection technology and an energy-saving bulb, this light is a must-have.

Squeezing Stress Toy for Kids

This multi-colored, silicone gel ball with a beaded texture is not only a fun plaything for children but also an antidepressant that kids and adults alike can use to keep their restless palms busy. Squeezing is a known remedy for stress and anxiety making a squishy toy such as this great for calming fussy kids. Only a little pressure is needed to be applied to squeeze it out of both sides of the hand. When not in use it can be displayed beautifully on any top. Safe and recommended for children from the age of 12 months and above.

Foldable Dish Drainer

You can never go wrong with kitchen tools and appliances offering practical solutions. People are looking for convenience in terms of functionality and storage in their cooking spaces. This foldable dish drainer makes the cut when it comes to keeping the kitchen organized and clutter-free. It holds all your dishes as they drain and can also be folded and put away once they dry and have been moved to their cabinet creating ample surface space. The holder cum drainer measures 20m by 15cm and comes in purple, pink, white, and blue to suit whatever color palette.

USB Roll-up Piano

The silicon-made USB roll-up piano is a portable mini piano with the musical functionality of a full-sized one. It comes in three color variants, pink, white and navy and 88 standard keys, 128 polyphonic tones, 14 demo songs for beginners, a digital display, foot pedal and an inbuilt battery. It is built with an interface that allows connection to a speaker, headphone, MP3 and MIDI out function. Users can record and replay songs as well as modify tones automatically. Weighing just 1.785 Kg, it is lightweight and flexible, something you easily roll up, stash in its pouch (it comes with one) and throw in your bag to make music on the go!

Handmade Silicone Soap Crafts

Artisan and crafts supplies are a booming business as many people shift towards handmade products. From baked goodies to skincare products, the list is endless. This handmade silicone soap crafts mold is something your soap makers will absolutely love as they often seek non-toxic materials and tools to use for their natural soaps. Made from heat resistant silicone insert, you can use it comfortably in the oven or refrigerator. Its sturdy wooden frame with lid and perfectly smooth planes will no doubt produce flawless soaps. No funny shapes, unusual smells, or messy parting. The mold is available in 900g and a larger one of 1200g.

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