The South African ecommerce market has matured

The ecommerce market in South Africa has matured, and the opportunity to acquire online-savvy customers is there – if businesses can respond with compelling online experiences.

The 2021 Digital CX report, which I co-authored with RogerWilco and ovatoyou, highlighted that ecommerce is now truly mainstream in South Africa. 83% of our respondents had shopped online, and 73% of respondents with a household income ecommerce and want more of it. 96% of consumers said they’d spend more online if experiences were improved. Extrapolating consumers’ projected increased spend onto the current size of ecommerce market, reveals a whopping R12Bn up for grabs, if ecommerce experiences were improved.  

And as the market matures, so do consumers’ wants and needs. 54% of consumers said that online shopping has either become part of their routine or become a larger part of their routine since COVID. As online shopping becomes woven into people’s everyday lives, practicalities such as delivery timelines and information security become increasingly important.

An ecommerce experience that would have satisfied a customer 4 or 5 years ago won’t cut it anymore. Our research supported this, with shipping cost and convenience, data security and the safety of online transactions being mentioned as 4 of the 5 top reasons preventing consumers from shopping more online.

The opportunity is there. South African consumers across a wide range of demographics are online and telling us they like the ease and convenience of online shopping. The onus is now on retailers to turn their attention to improving online customer journeys, or risk being left in the dust.

Wrapping up

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