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ShopShipShake Corporate Sourcing Service

One-stop service
One-stop service
one-one Bilingual Expert
One-One Bilingual Expert
Tailored Logistics
Tailored Logistics
Upgrated Sourcing Service
Value-added Services
Value-added Services
Exclusive Drop Shipping Service Plan
Exclusive Drop Shipping

What can we do for you?

1.One-stop service

One To one service to ensure the requirements of the client are fully met. Exclusive expert service to complete the entire supply chain procedure (product enquiry – purchase – shipping – logistics tracking). Simplify the communication process. By using the enquiry service provided by the expert team, the client can learn more about the products that fit his purchase requirements.The expert team will provide the client with the quote from trustworthy domestic merchants and a wide selection of products.

2.Bulk Purchasing

If you wish to purchase in bulk and you do not know how to use the shopping platforms like 1688, our 1 to 1 expert service can satisfy all your shopping requests.

3.Value-added Services

Customized package purchase for the OEM clients.Exclusive quality inspection service before the product is sent.Packaging and reworking service for the product (such as removing old packaging and switching to the customized packaging requested by the client).

4.Dropshipping Service

We will provide you with the professional warehouse service for your delivery service and ensure the products are successfully delivered to your clients.

Enjoy the customized corporate plan with the one to one expert service

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