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Fashion and personality are a topic that will never disappear, and jewelry is just born for fashion. Decorating yourself properly can make you more attractive. I believe everyone wants to make themselves more attractive. Lets start today’s content now!

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A Mother of Two Found New Opportunity During Lockdown

Nomsa, a mother of a boy and a girl, was a former caregiver who reluctantly accepted the following unemployment after the pandemic occurred. However, soon she took ShopShipShake as a good chance and became our influencer. When we were having a phone interview with her, some kid’s cryings interrupted our taking. On the one hand, we had a clue of how hard it is to be a mother of two kids, on the other hand, we felt happy for Nomsa for she can still accompany her kids while working.

Could you please tell us when you joined the influencer team of ShopShipShake, and why?

I joined ShopShipShake in April, my assistant told me there would be an influencer test and I applied on Facebook and I got accepted. It was easy because I have been buying from ShopShipShake since last year, I joined the team because I was not employed and was in need of money, secondly I love interacting with people and teaching.

Please tell us about your job, What are the main duties?

My main job is to post links on Facebook and Whatsapp to attract people to join ShopShipShake, guide, and assist them on how to use the ShopShipShake so that they can buy from China and sell locally.

I also opened a Facebook page named Nomsa online boutique where I post my things received from ShopShipShake as prove, and share the page links elsewhere to show that ShopShipShake is trustworthy. Now, my clients spontaneously post the goods they received and leave positive comments there.

The Whatsapp group is where I teach and guide people. I downloaded some documents from the ShopShipShake website, I introduce people to ShopShipShake first, and teach them how to register, order and pay. I also advise people to tell their friends and relatives about ShopShipShake.

How do you evaluate ShopShipShake? What impressed you the most?

ShopShipShake is a very easy and reliable online buying platform, you don’t need to go anywhere, just sit at home and make orders.

I’m very impressed by the assistants, they have a good sense of agency and humour, they have time to listen to their customers. I was happy to have Shirley as my assistant, she was there in every step of the way, I never had any problem with my orders. It’s impressive that we have assistants to guide us. So, I recommend everyone find their assistants and ask for help before making any mistakes.

After joining the team, which aspect of your work do you think is better?

I’m really good at interacting with people. I’m a good listener and am very patient when dealing with people of different characters, coming from different areas and cultures.

Whatever people throw at you, you need to be calm, because you serve everyone, not just one person, and people need your time and patience.

Also, many clients in the group have been buying from ShopShipShake, if they post evidence, new recruits can get encouraged and motivated by it.

Has the work of ShopShipShake helped you gain some skills?

I’ve learned a lot about how to relate to customers. As I am teaching people, I’m also learning every day about what my customers want. I know the problems customers face and how they can be solved.

Besides, knowledge in online buying, communication skills and a sense of humour are also what I’ve learned from ShopShipShake.

During work, what is the biggest difficulty you encountered? How did you solve it?

The biggest difficulty I have encountered was data, it is a very big challenge sometimes because I spend all day and night online recruiting which costs a lot of data.

The other problem we face is on social media, people attack us and insult us, especially when a customer received a bad order, or face delays, or the shipping costs are so high than expected, they will go online tarnish your name on media. It’s so bad because I use the same name on platforms to market my stock, so I decide to open a new account only for sharing links, and I opened another group on Facebook only for guides and sharing of links and registration, so now I post less on Facebook, but I invite people to my Whatsapp group to guide and help them register.

As for solving difficulties, what insights would you like to share with us? And how do you balance life and work?

I would love to become ShopShipShake ambassador, I think I have gained more knowledge to the extent that I can be able to guide and teach. The tips of being a successful influencer are to stay calm, work very hard as if it’s your only job, and spend more to gain more. Don’t listen to insults, keep your head high, and never look back. Take those insults and correct where it needs to be corrected. For you to succeed, you will meet problems on the way but just keep on moving.

Any thoughts on being selected as ShopShipShake influencer, please?

I was happy because I thought I did well in the influencer test and I finally have something to do during the lockdown.

Do you have any tips or suggestions to tell people who want to join the ShopShipShake influencer team?

People who want to become influencers need to have full knowledge of ShopShipShake: know the 3 versions of guidance very well, understand how ShopShipShake works, and study hard, so that you are able to answer all of the recruits’ questions.

Please tell us your motto of life.

My motto is Pursue, Overtake and Recover it all.

What thing about ShopShipShake you think has to be improved?

I hope ShopShipShake can have a branch and office in South Africa where people can visit and influencers work, so people will stop thinking ShopShipShake is a scam.

Recruiting and being an influencer is a win-win situation: not only is Nomsa happy about working as an influencer but also ShopShipShake is delighted to have influencers to appeal to recruits. It is a gratifying opportunity for both people like Nomsa and ShopShipShake.

As long as the R10 to R30 bags are hot sell in South Africa

Introduce the biggest manufacturing base of bags in China, select the hottest bag styles and 1688 suppliers for South African sellers, and guide you how to find the best-selling products in South Africa on ShopShipShake.

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China to South Africa 👟👠🧥👙👚👜👗
Buy directly from China factory 👍
Rand Payment, Wholesale Price, Door to Door Delivery, clearing, warehousing, drop ship for you.❤️❤️❤️

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/shopshipshake
Twitter: https://twitter.com/shopshipshake
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People Are the Key Asset of Us

Thandiwe, 34-year-old, is doing multiple jobs at the same time: a nurse, a primary school teacher as well as an influencer of ShopShipShake. With an interest in buying and selling, she has been in many related industries and strongly believes that “people are the key asset” in the business world. Now She has landed in ShopShipShake to continue her passion with all the experience learned from before.

Could you please tell us when you joined the influencer team of ShopShipShake, and why?

I was buying from ShopShipShake first, then l followed your website, studied everything, and became an influencer. I bought goods made in China from other people before, with ShopShipShake, I can buy directly from China, and the shipment is much cheaper than other companies like Alibaba, so there is lots of room to make profits.
Besides, I loved to be part of the group, because I loved marketing, and working with people was always my passion and desire. Promotion business is a great experience that l have been doing with other companies like Avon Tupperware. So I saw ShopShipShake as an opportunity to learn, grow, and help others to start their business too.

Please tell us about your job, What are the main duties?

I am a part-time influencer. What I do is promoting ShopShipShake, and advertising products on the website by sending links on different social media platforms to help people register. I am also going out to meet people in church groups, families and communities. In the future, after the lockdown, I am considering distributing flyers and catalogs in neighborhoods in person. If it is possible, I also plan to have an office where people can register accounts and have guide on how to start their business.
After the registration is done, I need to teach and guide new recruits on how to use ShopShipShake website. At the moment, I do more teaching than recruiting.

How do you evaluate ShopShipShake? What impressed you the most?

One thing I love about ShopShipShake is the shipment.
The price of the shipment is very low, what I don’t understand is that people still complain about it. They think the shipping fee of ShopShipShake is expansive because they are too lazy to do any research, compared with other companies, the shipping fee is actually low. So we are able to generate profits out of it. Plus, ShopShipShake is the only website that transport goods from China to South Africa with drop shipping.
What impressed me the most is ShopShipShake uses rand payment and delivers products to customers via door-to-door service which is a one-step service. If we choose other delivery companies, we have to collect the goods ourselves.

After joining the team, which aspect of your work do you think is better?

I am good at recruiting new people and helping them.
As you can see, I have worked in many industries and have met different types of people, hence my good ability to deal with problems. People are the key asset when you do business. For example, as ShopShipShake develops, we need people. People are keys assets for any organization. People matter most to you and your business, they generate profits for you, this is why I make efforts on helping new recruits finish the verification and make sure they can place orders later on.

Has the work of ShopShipShake helped you gain some skills?

ShopShipShake helps me again lots of skills, such as proven ability to multitask, ability to work under pressure to meet deadlines, how to be a good team player, and skills to communicate with various kinds of people.

During work, what is the biggest difficulty you encountered? How did you solve it?

Lots of customers have problems finishing their account verification, they need guide on this. There are also people complaining about and insulting ShopShipShake if the goods are not satisfying.
To solve the problems, I asked for help from my team leader Shirley, Chimmy and Sharifa. In addition, I made videos and documents with images to help people to solve their problems. Also, I try to prove that ShopShipShake is a legit company by providing the evidence, for instance, sending them videos of goods I received to let them know the quality is good, and ShopShipShake ensures all of the customers receiving their products.
If the customers are angry, there is no need to make them more furious, all I need to do is to calm down, explain patiently and offer them support.

As for solving difficulties, what insights would you like to share with us? And how do you balance life and work?

We have to listen to our customers and believe them, give them what they want and provide good service to them, so that they stay and buy with ShopShipShake.
I work from 7am up to 5pm, so that l can create time with my family. During working hours, l do my work, l don’t mix work and life. My husband goes to night shifts, so I have him looking after the kids and make sure they don’t interrupt my work.

Any thoughts on being selected as ShopShipShake influencer, please?

This is a good opportunity, and all the assistants are very helpful.

Do you have any tips or suggestions to tell people who want to join the ShopShipShake influencer team?

Yes, l have tips. You look at people who are hardworking and has potential effects to do it when recruiting.
Potential candidates are those who can bring new people to ShopShipShake, actively comment in the group and are willing to help others.

Please tell us your motto of life.

My motto is we may encounter many problems but we must not be defeated. Quiters never win, keep on trying.

What thing about ShopShipShake you think has to be improved?

What ShopShipShake must improve:
Filter good suppliers for the customers;
Add shipping costs price on the items to charge once;
Add kg for people to see when estimating goods.

Like Thandiwe said, people are the most important assets for ShopShipShake too. Every registered customer has an exclusive assistant to help them solve all kinds of problems, this is how we value the people of us.

South African Find Business Opportunities on ShopShipShake

Influencer Sandra: Keep Pushing for the Better

28-year-old Sandra, a former businesswoman, now is a full-time influencer of ShopShipShake. She believes that ShopShipShake provides a good opportunity for everyone who wants to start his own business and help them do so. Although she encounters some difficulties, she stays positive, continues to share what she learned and “keep pushing for the better”, not for anyone else, but herself.

Could you please tell us when you joined the influencer team of ShopShipShake, and why? 

I joined ShopShipShake in May 2020.

The reason why I joined is that this is a good job opportunity for me, and a good opportunity for people who want to run their business. Besides, I love sharing information, and enjoy being a leader, so I became an influencer.

Please tell us about your job, what are the main duties?

My main duties are recruiting new people, and explaining everything step by step to people who want to order on ShopShipShake.

What I do every day is posting links on Facebook and Whatsapp groups to attract people to purchase from ShopShipShake, and then help people who registered under my name make successful orders. Below are the things I help people with:

-how to use ShopShipShake website
-select products of better quality
-how to deposit
-how to pay for their orders
-how the shipping works and the shipping fee is separate from that of the goods.

How do you evaluate ShopShipShake? What impressed you the most?

The service is good and fast, I started buying from ShopShipShake myself, so I know it. The assistants are very helpful, whenever you have a problem, you can always get help from them.

And most importantly, the products on ShopShipShake are much, much cheaper, it’s amazing.

After joining the team, which aspect of your work do you think is better?

I’m really good at recruiting new people and helping them from step one to the very end, from ordering to shipping.

Now I have several WhatsApp groups and one Facebook page, reaching over 3000 people.

Has the work of ShopShipShake helped you gain some skills?

Yes, I’ve learned some good and bad. The bad is that I have to face insult on Facebook and people are calling me a scam, sometimes I feel like crying.

The good is I have more self-respect now and the bad side helps me improve my self-control and social skills so that I can keep pushing beyond to make more money.

During work, what is the biggest difficulty you encountered? How did you solve it?

I am facing insult from jealous rivals and mean people every single day, many of my accounts have been reported and blocked, thus I have to create new accounts to continue my job. I post the links of my Whatsapp groups on Facebook, Whatsapp is a safer place.

What I’ve learned from dealing with haters is that I need to ignore the bad influence and keep pushing myself to do the best.

As for solving difficulties, what insights would you like to share with us?

People have to be patient and wait for us because influencers need to teach many people, and it takes time. Besides, we all in a difficult situation and the shipping fee cannot go down for now, people are complaining about it, but there is really nothing we can do.

To be honest, work takes up 90% of my time, my life has changed a lot since I started doing this job. But I’m happy doing this work, even though it takes so much of my time–I am doing it for myself and keep pushing for the better.

One benefit of being an influencer is that I don’t need to sit in an office, I work from home and able to take care of my 9-year-old daughter.

Any thoughts on being selected as ShopShipShake influencer, please?

It makes me feel excited and happy, helping people makes me feel good, especially when I receive positive feedback from people and people are satisfied with my service.

Do you have any tips or suggestions to tell people who want to join the ShopShipShake influencer team?

If you want to be an influencer, you’d better know how ShopShipShake works very well before teaching new recruits, like shipping time and refund issues, so you can explain every step to people with confidence. You also need to tell the customers that it is an excellent opportunity, the products on ShopShipShake are very cheap and unique if you know how to help people select.

Please talk about your expectations for the future.

I am looking for long-term employment of ShopShipShake, having more recruits every month, and letting people register and buy.

What thing about ShopShipShake you think has to be improved?

ShopShipShake has to filter the suppliers for customers, if your clients receive products of poor quality, they will not trust suppliers on ShopShipShake any more.

It is an honour for ShopShipShake to have devoted influences like Sandra, If you have questions, you can also turn to ambassadors as well as our most reliable assistants for help. For every South African with a desire to start their business, ShopShipShake can help you make one step forward. On ShopShipShake, the products are at low prices so you can start with a small amount of money. What’s more, ShopShipShake is an online platform, you order online, and have your parcels at your door. Yes, we provide door-to-door deliver, you don’t need to collect your goods.

4 tips for playing WhatsApp group marketing

There are two types of Whatsapp group marketing:

  1. Relying on someone else’s Whatsapp groups for marketing.
  2. Creating your own Whatsapp groups for marketing.

1. How to use someone else ‘s Whatsapp groups for marketing?

The Whatsapp group is a public place. An active WhatsApp group is for people to communicate with each other, and to obtain useful resources. If everyone in the group sends advertisements, the group is not of much value.

Remember, the most powerful advertising is that others simply do not feel that you are advertising.

So, how should I market without advertising? You may ask.

Step 1: Make group participants your Whatsapp friends

If you target your customers with ads, you may need to spend tens to hundreds of rands. However, in a Whatsapp group, all the participants are your potential customers. You can save a lot of advertising costs if you are able to make all of them your customers. In the future, your customers in the Whatsapp can at least create hundreds of thousands of rands.

Therefore, it would a huge waste, If you don’t turn the group members into your potential customers.

This is also one of the traditional marketing tricks.

Step 2: Share useful information in the groups

The best advertisement is not to advertise. If you advertise explicitly in the groups, people will think you are hard selling products and avoid you.

If you purely share useful information and contribute knowledge to the group, then they will feel that you are an authentic person and would like to interact with you. As a result, you can maximize your gains in Whatsapp groups.

A good Whatsapp group operator will create a lot of Whatsapp groups themselves, and even pay to join many other Whatsapp groups. Some Whatsapp groups are not very active and do not have many chats going on there, but you can spare an hour every week to share a lesson worth a few thousand dollars that you have learned outside, without any advertising.

If what you share is very helpful, customers will take the initiative to reach out to you. Eventually, WhatsApp will bring you far more than the membership fee.

Step 3:  Interact with people in the groups

Regarding groups that have the most potential customers, you can mark them as important and spend more time there.

Usually, most people of a group remain silent, so you can be active to let people become familiar with you. Even people do not talk to you in person, they can also remember and trust you, because of your frequent presence.

During the process of interaction, if your performance is perceived as generous and interesting, other members of the group will gradually become your customers. As long as it is a win-win situation, people would love to propose cooperation.

Step 4: Write articles to compliment people

For example, you find one of the members to know, understand, and provide him/ her with useful information and resources you can provide.

At the same time, you can also write an interview article to promote this person, and at the bottom of the article, leave the person’s WhatsApp number for other people to reach out to him/her.

In this way, you contribute something to the group by promoting the members for free. The members you promote will naturally thank you, and you will also be very respected in the group.

In a nutshell, make yourself a needed person in Whatsapp groups.

The above are the four steps of marketing in other people’s Whatsapp groups. Please do follow the steps, it will be 100 times better than conventional advertising.

2. How to build your own Whatsapp groups for marketing?

At the start of your business, using someone else’s Whatsapp groups is the fastest way to get costumers. When you have a certain number of customers, the most durable marketing method is to create your own groups and maintain the customers there.

So, how do you create your own Whatsapp groups?

Step 1: Positioning

It’s not the best who does it, but who does it is the best. The key reason that a Whatsapp group can be popular is to have good positioning. The more accurate your positioning is, the easier you will succeed.

Step 2: Set rules for your groups

A good Whatsapp group must have its own rules. Without rules, your groups can quickly become a mess.

Therefore, you must set rules to reject those who are not qualified, and filter them out, meanwhile, keep people who have same values, so that you can run the groups for a longer time.

Step 3: Operation

Operation and management of a Whatsapp group are no less than those of a company. It’s better to have a mechanism for members to continue experiencing the value of the group, thus members are willing to continue to participate in the groups.

Step 4: Fission marketing

For the steady development of your Whatsapp groups, you have to rely on group members to fission group members. This aspect is different from the traditional fission of adding members in. There are many different modes and ways to accomplish the fission. If you are in the right mode, the speed of development is faster than you think.

Whatsapp groups can not only do member fission but also Whatsapp group fission. To make the fission possible, you need to create various WhatsApp groups for different dimensions such as product types, consumption levels and regions, then operate the groups based on their characteristics to achieve the goal of precision marketing and efficiently converting orders.

What is the Chinese women’s clothing supply chain

The production areas of women’s clothing are all over China, and the main production areas are concentrated in the Pearl River Delta and Yangtze River Delta.

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How to maintain customer loyalty and increase repurchase rate?

One old customer is better than ten new customers. Because “maintenance = deal”. Today, the ShopShipShake will teach you: how to convert traffic to store fans after attracting customers, how to maintain customers and improve their stickiness and repeat purchase rate?

First of all, we need to define the concept of fans, namely users, customers who have contact with the store, customers who further interact with the store, and loyal customers who are fans. Therefore, the fans we mention here are the loyal customers of the store, with high stickiness and attention.

Purpose of becoming fans:

Improve the conversion rate, in order to achieve flow realization. Awaken sleepy customers and increase their chances of making a second purchase. With the increase of traffic and customer precipitation, it is necessary to build brand effect and brand awareness. The number of daily visitors can potentially improve customer stickiness and store popularity, and high stickiness customers are the most ideal fans.

After the brick-and-mortar stores attract customers, how can they be converted into fans of the stores to improve customer stickiness and repeat purchase rate?

1. Fans diversion:

Existing and loyal customers in bricks-and-mortar stores are the best place to draw attention to social platforms or WhatsApp groups.

2. Functional fans conversion:

Storage value system: like offline customer storage value card, you can set the amount of money recharge how much free money. After recharge, customers will be more willing to actively consume the balance of consumption, indirectly improving the stickiness and attention.

Social media interaction: Customers are free to post and interact on their own social media, exchange experiences and share their experiences. Since social media interaction requires customers to interact with each other and pay attention to the dynamics of other customers in the store, fresh resources in the community can be used as a way to attract customers to increase their visits.

3. Wake up customers:

Complimentary benefits: complimentary points, stored value, coupons and vouchers. By offering benefits to attract customers, the attraction will generate consumption opportunities. And the opportunity to reposition the store.

Message push: Message push can actively send mass messages to customers. Merchants holding store activities, promotion activities, new product activities, offline activities, etc., can inform customers of activity information through message push, which is accurate and effective.

4. Customer system:

Customer points: Customer points can be used in two ways: 1. 2. Redeem gifts, vouchers or coupons in the points mall. Customers can get points while shopping, and the accumulative amount can be exchanged for benefits, which can increase the customer’s repurchase rate and purchasing power.

Customer growth system: Establish a complete customer growth system, and decide whether to enjoy the corresponding discount according to the growth value.

Customer distribution: Establish a distribution system for existing customers. Customers can get cash rebate while shopping, which can not only promote stores for merchants, but also improve the stickiness of distribution customers.

The essence of customer system is to establish a continuous interactive relationship between merchants and consumers. The key to customer marketing is to occupy the minds of customers through customer service, improve customer loyalty and satisfaction, and thus increase sales and obtain

Skills for selection of e-commerce products

If I ask you, what services will be involved in the whole trading chain of e-commerce? “Logistics”, “collection”, “advertising”, these basic services, you are sure to open your mouth. Even under the general trend of compliance and branding, “trademark registration” and “intellectual property” can also be mentioned. But if you mention “product quality inspection” and “product certification”, you may not know much about it.

In fact, to return to the essence of business, quality products are the prerequisite for everything. Cross-border e-commerce is no exception.

E-commerce platform: Products with certification are better sold

When Chinese goods are exported overseas through cross-border e-commerce, they must not only facilitate the operation of cross-border trading chains through logistics, payment and other services, but also follow the access rules and compliance requirements of target markets and ensure the safety of products to ensure that products will not be recalled or stranded at customs.

In fact, even for the same category of products, countries have different access rules and compliance requirements. For e-commerce sellers, the compliance requirements of the destination country are only the first pass into the target market.

Of course, in addition to the target market policies and the hard rules of the platform, consumers will also care about the product qualification certification and the test standard that the product meets when they buy products on the e-commerce platform, especially the products related to mother and baby products or related products that have direct contact with human body. Therefore, the more endorsements sellers have, the stronger the sense of trust consumers have when making purchase decisions.

Seller: Pre-sale quality control

The market, platform and even consumers have their own standards and requirements for product quality. For sellers, high-quality products are also the key to win in the fierce market competition.

Different channels: product testing demand

Due to different development stages, target markets, categories and scales, cross-border e-commerce sellers have different demands for product quality inspection, testing and certification services.

For e-commerce platforms with proprietary business:

Some e-commerce platforms not only provide sales channels for sellers, but also take goods from suppliers and sell them on the platform with labels, which is often referred to as “self-operation”. Conduct some inspection, test and audit for the suppliers of products on the e-commerce platform with its own business. Ensure the quality of the platform’s own products and brand credibility.

How to select good products for cross-border e-commerce platforms?

ShopShipShake said 7 out of 10 is selection and 3 out of 10 is operation. How to do a good job in product selection is the priority among priorities for many brand owners to take a good brand to the sea. The selection process should be supported by detailed market research and data analysis rather than individual subjective judgment. So, how to make a good selection?

1. Do in-depth research on market demands and trends around you

There are 233 countries and regions in the world, including 197 countries and 36 regions. Each country and region has different cultural customs, living habits, shopping requirements, aesthetics, language expression and so on. The first thing we should do is to do a detailed research and analysis of the target market. Through research and analysis, we can basically determine the direction and preferences of the market, understand the real needs of consumers, and achieve “stable” selection, in order to greatly reduce the risk of going to sea.

2. Relevant to product itself

The product itself quality is good, the quality is qualified has the guarantee, can obtain the consumer’s good opinion easily. Among similar products, the quality of various products is uneven. The key to how to stand out and avoid selective elimination is to improve product quality and “please” consumers.

3. Products should adapt to cross-border logistics and transportation

Different from domestic transportation, cross-border e-commerce logistics takes a long time and costs a lot. In the process of transportation, customs detention, product loss, product damage and so on are easy to occur. Due to different logistics transportation cycle is different, some 3.4 days, some may need a month or more before delivery. Therefore, the selection of products to consider the size of the product, shelf life, the degree of extrusion resistance, temperature changes around, packaging logistics costs and other factors.

Tips on e-commerce selection: Keywords search options; Different market selection; Data observation and selection; Customer reviews selections.